Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Welcome and A Return!

Wow Long time no see right you guys? Well Guess what I am back and Fighting for this Blog!
This blog is the first of its Kind on Stardoll and! I seem to be the only one who has Made a Blog like this. And for a couple of weeks Now Ive been thinking Why am I? Leaving it sit there and be wasted well No More! I think its time I got Back and Running for the New People of Stardoll and Make it! work for the New People of Stardoll! So That's why its returning.

So for the new People/Followers! I'll give you a quick brief of whats this blog Is About
Since Your new And You have Missed a lot of History From Elites,Rares,Magazines! and More! This Blog will help you catch Up with Posts dedicated to a certain Subject meaning you can Pick which you want to study! I guess its like the school of Stardoll In Blog Form a Very easy Blog to follow! and Very Good blog to follow! I hope you can take the journey with me to discover the Stardoll History Book And see what we can discover along the Way.

So Here is the return! Comment below what you think! And what you want to see on the Blog! I really hope you stay followed and I keep you entertained!
New post coming Saturday Night Or Sunday night!

P.s So far I will only be Working on this Blog my self That all could change in the future!